My staff need training

Effectively training your employees can improve your chances of success and business growth. Developing your people and improving their skills can:

  • increase your productivity and quality of their work
  • increase overall profits of the company
  • improve your employee motivation and develop your teams
  • give you a competitive advantage
  • reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • help the company adapt to change and up skill your staff to prepare for growth

In order to get the most out of your training, you should ensure that your training programme:

  • is linked to the goals of your company
  • is part of a business-wide strategy
  • has obtainable objectives for your employees
  • focuses on helping employees carry out existing tasks
  • can train individuals to take on a different role – e.g. with increased responsibilities

I need to improve my customer standards

To improve your customer service Business Services can give you support to improve your business.

Through our Business Improvement Techniques workshops, we can offer one to one support from our Business Advisors.

We can also help with your apprenticeship recruitment. Apprenticeships can help to grow your Business. Improving Operational Performance, or Operations in Quality Improvement are two apprenticeship frameworks which address BIT.

How can I minimise my employer turnover?

In the world of business, the high rate of employee turnover can be a significant problem. Economic research suggests that for some industries it can cost up to one-fifth of an employee's annual salary to find, train, and hire a suitable replacement.

To minimise employer turnover it is necessary to invest in your company.

Look at the demographics of your employers ages. Should you be investing in training to balance the workforce?

If turnover rates are too high, this represents a significant sunk cost for the company that can't be recouped.

Luckily, by improving the training work, practicing smart hiring strategies, and ensuring that your company is optimally-organised, it's possible to keep turnover at a healthy minimum.

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I'd like my staff to have job satisfaction

To help staff have job satisfaction here in Business Services we can help you invest in training for your company.

Either one of our short courses or a bespoke course written just for you is available by speaking with one of our advisors.

Existing staff may wish to also study on a long term basis either through our Apprenticeships programmes that are available to higher Apprenticeship level or through our Higher Education Programmes

Advice and Guidance is available from our team

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