How can I gain a qualification in the workplace?

If you are currently employed then there are various ways that you can study whilst in the workplace.

Our various courses and apprenticeships can be studied part time and will either give you a qualification for the area of work that you are in, or advance you career prospects by studying a new qualification.

Ring one of the team for advice on how to study a course at Wigan and Leigh College.

Apprenticeships can start at any time throughout the year.

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How can I get qualified for the job I do?

If you are currently employed but not qualified in the area that you are working in then there are ways of studying in the workplace.

Our apprenticeship offer covers many areas up to advanced level.

Most of our apprenticeship frameworks can be studied in the workplace. On enrolment you will be appointed and assessor who will guide you through the qualification. Most Qualifications can be studied between 12 and 15 months.

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How can I progress in my qualifications?

Continued learning and gaining strong meaningful up to date qualifications are key to progressing your career especially the more senior you go.

Rightly or wrongly most employers in today’s markets expect qualifications when taking on new employees. So if you’re going to embark on a career, identify the qualification that best suits your area of interest and set the wheels in motion to achieve it, but do get advice if you are unsure as to the best way forward.

To progress in your current qualification then here in Business Services we are able to offer you advice and guidance on the next steps. Your assessor may also be able to guide you to the next level after successfully completing your framework.

You can also visit our careers guidance section or look at the courses we have available.

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Where can I get careers advice from?

Nowadays there are so many different routes to employment and up-skill that It can get really confusing. As a training provider we have the expertise to know know what they all mean and what is best suited to you. We can help you achieve your personal progression.

If you are unsure of your career path then have a discussion with your assessor, or ring the Business Services team for advice and guidance.

You may wish to follow the following links to help you get independent careers advice.

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