IT, Software, Web & Telecoms

ITQ Apprenticeships 

Level 2 & 3

Information Technology plays an integral role in all industries and therefore provides an interesting and rewarding career with excellent
progression opportunities.
The ITQ Apprenticeship has been developed
with employers to ensure it is relevant to
the industry and provides Apprentices
with valuable skills and knowledge required to progress their career.

Apprentices will gain skills & knowledge to:

– Set up an IT system

– Create databases

– Use email

– Use spreadsheets

– Utilise Multimedia software packages

Duration 12-18 months depending on level.

IT, Software, Web & Telecoms

Level 2 & 3

Systems and Principles qualifications provide the knowledge that is ideal for those looking to progress in their career or learn new ICT skills. It is also appropriate for those looking to go further with their education on a City & Guilds Level 4 ICT qualification or Higher Level Apprenticeship or higher education

Apprentices will gain knowledge in:

- Health and Safety in ICT

- Customer Care in ICT

- Using Email

- Creating Object Oriented Programming

- Database software

- Website Software

Higher Level Apprenticeship Level 4

The Level 4 Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles has been designed to offer learners the flexibility to show their achievement in a specific area of ICT and Telecoms. Learners will benefit from having achieved Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in ICT systems and Principles or Level 3 Diploma in ICT Competency, or have suitable experience working in the ICT and Telecoms sector.

This is an ideal qualification for those seeking to gain high levels skills in a range of topics like;

- Emerging technologies

- E-business operations

- Managing budgets

- Managing information technology

- Project management

- Systems development

- Effective communication in business

- Systems and development management 

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