BKSB English and Maths Support

What is directed study?

Directed study is for those learners who have an A-C in GCSE English and/or maths. This will appear on learners’ timetables and they will be expected to practise/develop their English and maths during this time.


What resources are available for learners to complete when on directed study?

Our live BKSB website has resources available up to L3 to stretch and challenge learners beyond GCSE. Learners will firstly complete their diagnostic assessment. Once complete this generates online guidance and questions for learners to answer which will help them to work on any gaps identified.


What happens when learners complete all of the online resources on BKSB?

We have a range of online projects for learners to complete which will mean that they carry on developing/ practising their English and maths throughout the year. These will be marked online on our English and maths VLE support course. Tutors will also be available at designated times in the LRC. Projects are mapped to L3 English and maths criteria.


A guide to logging on BKSB live:

Scan the QR code or click on the link below to access BKSB live: 


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